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Midalidare Mogilovo Village 2015

Midalidare Mogilovo Village 2015
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Red Wine Bulgaria Thracian Valley Midalidare Estate 2015
Cabernet Sauvignon
Petit Verdot
14.5 % 75 cl Natural cork

Tasting Notes

Deep purple color. Complex, spicy and attractive, dominated by ripe red fruits, pleasant oak.
Volume, round, soft, juicy. In taste is perceived dried fruit, chocolate, leather and vanilla. Long finish and excellent aftertaste.
Grapes are harvested in the early morning hours and collected in small boxes of 10-12 kg each. They are kept in refrigerators for 24 hours at 7-12 degrees. After cooling the grapes are hand-sorted at a sorting conveyor to eliminate all poor-quality grapes. From the conveyor the grapes are fed into 400 liters French oak barrels. They are left to infuse for 10 days at low temperatures to allow color and aroma from the skin to penetrate the grape juice. The process is called cold maceration. The temperature is raised and yeast is planted. Fermentation is allowed for 4-5 days and every few hours every barrel is rotated 3 times in both directions. After fermentation the wine is left to rest in teh same barrel for 10-15 days. It is then gently pressed to seperate the now ready wine which is transferred into 225 liters French oak barrels. It is planted with bacteria and left to ferment at a constant temperature of 22-24 degrees. This process is softening the taste of the wine. After the wine is ready the winemakers defines the percentage of different varieties in the blend. Wine is then bottled.