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Peshterska Matured Rakia

Peshterska Matured Rakia
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Rakia Bulgaria Thracian Valley Vinprom Peshtera
Ugni Blanc
40 % 70 cl Synthetic cork

Tasting Notes

Peshterska Matured is obtained by distillation of selected grape varieties - Rkatziteli, Ugni Blanc, Dimyat and Pamid. It is aged for 6 months to 1 year in oak barrels and contains the classic 40% of alcohol. Peshterska Matured has won national and international awards multiple times. Tasters nationwide and worldwide recognize it by its typical amber colour, aroma of vanilla, delicate soft texture and fine taste of dried vanilla beans and nuts with light and sweet pepper notes. There will always be room for a bottle of Peshterska Matured at the heart of every Bulgarian as well as in their refrigerator.