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Pét-Nat Riesling 2018, Tsarev Brod Winery, Danube Plain

New Pét-Nat Riesling 2018, Tsarev Brod Winery, Danube Plain
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Sparkling Wine Crisp & Refreshing Bulgaria Danube Plain Tsarev Brod Winery 2018
Riesling 11.5 % 75 cl Screwcap The wine has aged in the bottle for 4 months over its fine lees, then a part disgorgement is done an

Tasting Notes

WINEMAKING: Pét-Nat is short for Pétillant Naturel, which is Naturally Sparkling in French. This lightly fizzy wine has gained a bit of buzz lately with growing popularity in the natural/organic movement and in more rudimentary methods of winemaking, but people have been sipping on it for ages.
Pét-nat is made by what is known as the “ancestral” method, which is the oldest version of sparkling wine making. This method involves bottling before first fermentation has finished, allowing the process to complete in bottle (versus the Champagne method, which commence second fermentation in bottle after the first has completed). The more rustic approach to making Pét-Nat means it is usually less refined (in a good way!) – each wine varies and will usually be quite aromatic. This ancestral winemaking process also results in a much less bubbly wine than Champagne, this light fizz is why we think Pét-Nat makes a nice substitute for a golden or cloudy beer.
The Riesling grapes for this wine were picked at 19% sugar content in the middle of Sept 2018 from the own vineyards of Tsarev Brod winery. It has started fermentation in small 300 liter vessels at 14-16 °C and has been bottled at 35g/l residual sugar to finish fermentation in the bottle.


COLOUR: Very gentle apricot colour.


NOSE: Fresh, with intense notes of lemon and yellow fruits.


PALATE: Medium bodied with attractive apple and citrus notes, fine and persistant mousse and very pleasant, refreshing finish.

Food Match

Aperitif, shellfish, salads