Premium Rakia Mixed Case

Premium Rakia Mixed Case

  • Solitaire Special Selection Grape Rakia 50cl, 40%, Bulgaria

The grapes for this rakia are picked from a single vineyard of Muscat and Dimyat, hand-picked and distilled with the main idea to preserve and express the varietal character, intense aromas and fine elegant flavours. Extremely fresh and fruity, with distinctive softness and sweetness and very gentle and long lasting finish with notes of rose petals, lavender and grapes. Trophy Winner Vinalies Internationales.


  • Black Sea Gold Alambic Rakia 70cl, 40%, Bulgaria

Precisely distilled in copper pots, with reflux condensers in the shape of a pear, this rakia exhibits a unique aromatic character combined with the mellowing effect of 5 years of aging in oak barrels. Made entirely from hand-picked 100% Muscat Ottonel grapes it has intense muscat, toasted almonds and truffle notes that lead to an endless multi-layered finish.


  • Hubert 1924 Apricot Rakija 70cl, 40%, Serbia

An outstanding apricot rakija produced by following the secret recipes of the old masters at Hubert Distillery in order to achieve distinctive pronounced aromas and impeccably clean taste.  Already rich in citric acids the apricots go through a process of long controlled fermentation, and then double distillation which results in a very intense and long finish on the palate.  With a scent like grandmother's jam Hubert Kajsija is a staple on the traditional Banat table.

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Premium Rakia Mixed Case
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Variety Grape, Apricot
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