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The Ultimate Bulgarian Wine Discovery Mixed Case

The Ultimate Bulgarian Wine Discovery Mixed Case


Satin Brut, 2015, Logodaj Winery, Struma Valley Very elegant bubbly made from the local Bulgarian grape Melnik by the Méthode Traditionnelle and aged for 36 months on the lees – pale golden, fresh and floral with lovely complexity. Enjoy as an aperitif, with raw seafood or salads.

Tamianka “Shishmanovo Vineyard”, 2019, Bratanov Family Winery, Sakar Mountain One of the most ancient local white grape varieties in the region, hand-picked from a single vineyard with long wild spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts for over 6 months. Fresh, attractive and complex, with dominating aromas of geranium and quince, herbs and delicate white flowers. Great with smoked fish, sushi and lightly spiced Asian food.

Gergana, 2019, Tsarev Brod Winery, Black Sea Coast A single vineyard Bulgarian local white grape variety created by crossing of Dimyat and Muscat Ottonel. Pale yellow with lively herbaceous, floral, grassy and fruity notes. Crisp and fresh body with a nice length and moderate acidity. Lovely as an aperitif or with lightly spiced seafood dishes.

Kaylashki Misket, 2019, Haralambievi Family Winery, Danube Plain From a single vineyard of this local Bulgarian white variety, elegant straw coloured with pronounced fresh character and notes of pineapple, quince, grapefruit and geranium flowers. Great as an aperitif or with smoked salmon, shellfish and salads.

Orange Keratsuda, 2019, Libera Estate, Struma Valley An indigenous white grape variety native to Struma Valley. Fermented with the grape skins for about 45 days, no oak ageing and no filtration. Dark gold with amber hues and typical Keratsuda notes of pear, apricot and white flowers. Intense and moreish and really nice along roast game birds or white meat.

3 Blend Rosé, 2018, Bratanov Family Winery, Sakar Mountain Blend of 3 of the signature indigenous grapes of Bulgaria – Mavrud, Rubin and Gamza, all hand-picked at the same time and undergone wild spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. Beautiful pale pink colour, fresh, intense and lightly spicy with notes of forest red fruits. Enjoy as an aperitif or with salads, cold meats, seafood dishes, fresh cheeses or even fruity desserts.

Gamza, 2016, Borovitza Winery, Danube Plain The signature red grape variety of Danube plain hand-picked from 50+ years old vineyards. Minimal intervention in the winemaking process, no sulphites used, non-filtered. Bright crimson red colour with notes of redcurrant, plums & light spice. Pure & complex, with silky tannins. Sip along your roast pork, lamb or BBQ dishes.

Mavrud “Merul”, 2016, Rumelia Winery, Thracian Valley A 100% Mavrud - the signature Bulgarian local variety, made by one of the best specialist wineries for this  grape. Hand-picked and fermented with no oak ageing. Violet red coloured, complex, balanced and subtle, bursting with black forest fruits, cherries and liquorice notes, perfect acidity and prominent ripe. Great with BBQ dishes, lamb or duck.

Organic Rubin, 2018, Orbelus Winery, Struma Valley The Bulgarian local grape Rubin (a crossing between Syrah and Nebbiolo) from winery’s own vineyards near the village of Kapatovo. Minimal intervention during the winemaking processes. Dark ruby with aromas of blackberries, raisins and plums. Medium to full bodied, with further notes of dark chocolate, mulberries, figs and spices and a long finish. Screams for beef steaks, venison or game dishes.

Melnik 55, 2018, Orbelia Winery, Struma Valley Melnik 55 (a.k.a. Early Melnik Vine) - the signature red local Bulgarian grape variety of Struma Valley from winery’s 15 year old vineyards near the village of Levunovo. No oak is used at any time during the winemaking process in order to preserve the wine’s pure and natural taste. Bright ruby, subtle aromas of cherries and herbs, very harmonious and well-balanced, with juicy acidity and medium body. Great with lamb, pork or pasta with ragout.

Cabernet Franc & Early Melnik “Expressions”, 2015, Via Verde Vineyards, Struma Valley Rich and intense red blend of the two most successful grape varieties picked from these old family owned vineyards - medium bodied with notes of forest fruits, dried leaves, dark chocolate and spice. Great maturity and balance. Open as an accompaniment to your mature cheeses and charcuterie.

Organic Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud “Cherno”, 2013, Neragora Estate, Thracian Valley The last stock of this outstanding organic red from the glorious in Bulgaria 2013 vintage - well mature, rich and intense, bursting with plums, blackberries, spices, leather and dark chocolate, very well integrated tannins and a long, complex finish. Great with your roast beef and steaks.

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SKU The Ultimate Bulgarian Wine Discovery Mixed Case
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More Information
Country Bulgaria
Grape Variety Cabernet Sauvignon, Mavrud, Rubin, Cabernet Franc, Gamza, Melnik 55 (Early Melnik Vine), Gergana, Broad Leaved Melnik, Tamianka, Keratsuda, Kaylashki Misket

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