Ultimate Fruit Rakia Mixed Case

Ultimate Fruit Rakia Mixed Case

  • Monogram Viljamovka Barrique Pear Rakija 70cl, 43%, Bosnia & Herzegovina

A highly sophisticated pear rakia from Monogram, one of the leading distilleries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Made from 100% hand-picked fully ripe Williams pears all from the distillery’s own orchards.  It has exceptional intense aroma and very saturated strong taste of pears – bright, fresh and playfully sharp, recognisable and yet unique.


  • Zarić Nostalgija Dunja Rakija 70cl, 40%, Serbia

A rare premium rakija made from locally grown hand-picked quince fruits without the addition of any enhancers, aromas and flavours. Aged for over 3 years in old barrels, with rich aromas of quince combined with gentle oak notes, delicate fruit flavours and harmonious long after taste. Nostalgija quince rakia pleases both the soul and the body and evokes the most sincere and deep feelings.


  • Isperih Apricot Rakia Premium Reserve 50cl, 43%, Bulgaria

Made from a reserve high quality distillate of apricots from the varieties Silistra, Marculesti and Hungarian, grown by the river Danube and aged for 3 to 5 years in 225 liters French oak barrels. Attractive aromas of oak, vanilla, coconut and tobacco, full bodied, with long and complex taste and smooth elegant finish.


  • Troyanska Plum 3 Year Old Rakia 70cl, 40%, Bulgaria

The signature for Bulgaria high class plum (slivovitz) rakia made by the longstanding masters of Troyan distillery and aged in old oak barrels for 3 years, acquiring its unmistakable plum flavour and attractive amber colour.

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Ultimate Fruit Rakia Mixed Case
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Variety Plum, Apricot, Quince, Pear
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