Efe Distillery

Efe Distillery

Efe started working on its rakı production facility in 2002 when the state monopoly on the production and sale of distilled alcoholic beverages was lifted in Turkey.

In August 2004, Efe was introduced to consumers, first in Germany and then in Turkey. Within the first six months, it achieved higher than expected sales when it sold out of all its products.

The secret to Efe’s current success lies in customer satisfaction, in addition to well-planned brand positioning and innovation. In a market that is so deep-rooted in habit and consumer preference, Efe offered a brand new product and managed to create a loyal customer base despite the high level of competition in the market. The company’s marketing strategies include introducing unique taste of Efe products to more consumers.

In the Rakı marketplace which was dominated only by sales and lacked any marketing activities, Efe breaks new ground with an innovative vision. Striving to revive and preserve the rakı culture in Turkey, Efe continues to develop products and innovations to contribute to this tradition.

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