Balkan Signature Rakia Mixed Case

Balkan Signature Rakia Mixed Case

  • Kehlibar Grape Rakia 70cl, 40%, Bulgaria

A signature Bulgarian rakia made by Karnobat distillery, characterised with an exceptional purity and balance of taste, gentle amber colour, ripe fine Muscat aromas and soft oak tones.


  • Tikves Zolta Lozova Rakija 70cl, 40%, North Macedonia

The most popular Macedonian rakija by far, aged in oak barrels in order to develop a smooth mellow character. It has a complex bouquet with intense oak, honey and cinnamon aromas and refreshing notes of vanilla and peach on the palate.  


  • Zaric Kraljica Plum Rakija 70cl, 42%, Serbia

A true masterpiece of plum rakia and the only one with PGO. Made from 100% finest old rakia plum varieties Požegača, Ranka and Trnovača, double distilled (prepečenica) and aged for 7 years in oak barrels, with transparent amber colour and rich, intense aromas of plums and vanilla, full bodied harmonious fruit taste and a very long oak aftertaste.


  • Monogram Viljamovka Barrique Pear Rakija 70cl, 43%, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Highly sophisticated, made from 100% hand-picked fully ripe Williams pears all from Monogram distillery’s own orchards.  This rakija has exceptional intense aroma and very saturated strong taste of pears – bright, fresh and playfully sharp, recognisable and yet unique.

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Balkan Signature Rakia Mixed Case
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Variety Grape, Plum, Pear
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