Hinaпska was founded by Dragomir Draganov in 1996 in Teteven, Bulgaria. The company main fields of operation at the time were investment design, construction supervision, geodesy, international trading until they have found their love and passion for the Jujube Fruit 10 years ago and have planted their own Jujube tree gardens in the mountain region of northern Bulgaria.

Their trademark name HINAПSKA originates from the Bulgarian word for Jujube fruit, Хинап in Cyrillic and Hinap in Latin.

Jujube is a sweet powerful fruit from the SUPER FRUIT category, enjoyed as a longevity and stamina berry for thousands of years.  It has up to 20 times more Vitamin C content than citrus fruits. Thanks to its vitamins and minerals content, it is called "King of Vitamin C" and "Iron Jujube".

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